Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials

samson customer testimonials

"A family owned business, that my family has had the pleasure in dealing with for over three generations, bring integrity, honesty along with speed to delivery with each sale!"
- President, NJ Electrical Contractor
"Samson Electrical Supply has been our Supplier for 20 yrs. Their internal Sales force, is like Family to my Company. Samson’s employees have always been there to lend their support, VE options and product knowledge. There’s no one better, anywhere! As if that’s not enough, its always done with a friendly, customer first attitude. My company on average, runs 20 different job sites, across the state, at any given time. The Samson delivery network, is always quick and on time. Trust me, with 20 jobs running all over the state, We’ve tested them, minutes before closing, after hours and weekends, the delivery is there as promised. To sum it up, Samson is a large part of my companies success and we know we can count on them, when it matters. Large or small, Samson is there for us. Thank You Mike Cohen and the Samson Family!!!"
- Owner NJ Electrical Contractor
“ I can always count on Samson for design build support on Square D substations, MCC’s and lighting retrofits. I also depend on their overall technical knowledge as well. Samson’s fill rates for our daily material needs is outstanding and I can always count on them for emergency service. Their response during Hurricane Sandy was remarkable. It helped keep our facility running for weeks.”
- Petro Chem Engineer
"I have been doing business with Samson Electrical Supply for nearly 20 years. I gravitated to Samson due to a feeling of dealing with family, the family that you actually like. At other supply houses, I am left with a feeling that they think it is my privilege to do business with them, that is not the case at all at Samson. From the vast knowledge & prodigious service offered by the Inside / Outside Sales Team, Lighting Department & Switchgear Department to the attentiveness of the delivery drivers, Samson provides unparalleled service on a daily basis. A deaf ear is never found when an inevitable situation arises, the aforementioned teams work diligently toward a timely and amicable solution. My wife once asked me “are all supply houses like Samson?" My answer was “no, no other supply house is like Samson." To a man/woman the employees at Samson Electrical are the most honest, fair & conscientious that I have found in my career."
- Electrical Contractor Project Manager
"Like his father before him, Michael Cohen has continued to build on the "customer is more than just a client.....he is family" mantra. The staff is built around this motto and strives to help the customer in all phases of the supply chain. From quoting, to job or material buy outs, and counter sales, Samson has the right people to get things done, on time, and on budget. From small day to day orders, lighting, to multi-million dollar switchgear orders, my trust continues to be with Samson."
- Electrical Contractor, Owner
"My job is extremely complex with little time to plan ahead. I can always count on Samson to support my electrical needs whether it is selecting the right product for my application, excellent fill rates and especially the same day delivery service. They have got me out of countless jams."
- Hospital Facility Supervisor
"Over the last 30 years Samson has always been there to help me and my team. Our company has complex projects in difficult environments with short timelines. The Samson team is outstanding at solving problems with the ability to effectively support all of our projects large or small."
- Pharmaceutical Electrical Supervisor
"Whether its design build of complex power systems, lighting design, energy analysis or day to day transactional support the Samson guys are always there for me. Samson has bailed my company out countless times with stellar emergency service and technical know-how. It’s one thing to offer emergency support and something else to get it done time after time."
- Petro Chem Engineer
"Samson provides us with stellar service and technical support which is a must as we have little time to plan our work. Having a local distributor with such an extensive inventory makes a huge difference for us."
- University Electrical Supervisor
"I count on Samson Electrical Supply to support all my projects for the last ten years from bid to punch-out. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and professional. I'm always pleased with the personal service they deliver with every request I make."
- Project Manager, Electrical Contractor
"My company entered into business with Samson in 2015 when we were the national purchasing entity for Verizon. Samson provided switchgear for many projects across the NJ region and based on our experience with Samson on those projects I requested Samson to be our Square D distributor for my Northeast region, which encompasses Virginia to Maine.

We have completed several major projects with Samson over the years including some lighting projects. The most memorable project was the Stony brook Temp Hospital in Long Island which was a quick build project for FEMA to ease COVID patient bed needs that consisted of custom PDUs , Switchgear and some other ancillary equipment. The Samson team, along with the local OEM builder and the Engineer worked with us to turn around custom equipment in less than five days. We engaged the same team recently for a project in my Boston office that needed switchgear in 5 weeks that normally has a 15 week lead time. Samson and the manufacturer were able to deliver and help us secure a client that will yield future work due to our efforts. We have always had a positive experience with Samson and their efforts always produce successful results. There are several other large project we are building with Samson and the theme remains the same, they are the needed conduit between ourselves and the manufacturers.
Selling the work is easy, it’s what you do after that counts. We expect our partners to perform at their best and we are happy to be aligned with Samson."
- Construction Manager Executive
"One of my best clients had a main feeder get destroyed and needed immediate repair. Samson answered my call first thing in the morning and was able to cut and parallel the wire we desperately needed. Samson delivered the wire within a few hours along with all the other supplies we required. With Samson’s help we managed to take a building offline, repair conduits, replace the secondaries, and bring it back online in a 24hr time span. Our client expected to be down for three days and with Samson’s support we made it happen in one day. I have a complex job with multiple projects running at the same time. It is a relief that Samson is always there for me no matter when I call and more importantly they always come thru."
- Senior Project Manager, Electrical Contractor
"Samson Electrical Supply has been part of our electrical contracting team for over 20 years. Their knowledgeable and diligent staff have always been there for us with competitive pricing, quick responses and delivery times. Samson Electrical Supply is a well run company that focuses not only on product delivery but also with the understanding and value of building relationships to assist all of our supply needs."
- President, Electrical Contractor
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