Case Studies

Pharmaceutical construction project

COVID-19 Temporary Hospital – Power Distribution

Early in the pandemic Samson received a phone call from a construction manager saying that they needed to build a one thousand bed temporary hospital in twenty-one days.  Samson immediately responded by coordinating with a local switchgear manufacturer and engineer to design, build, and deliver five, 3,000A switchboards and forty-three custom PDU’s in four and a half days, working 24 hours a day to support the project in a time of need. 

Data Center 26kV Utility Upgrade – Power distribution

Samson helped design and supply a 26kV substation for a data center to help meet its growing capacity needs.  Samson supplied the 26kV walk-in gear, two 15MVA pad mount transformers and a 15kV distribution lineup to feed the existing infrastructure installed at the site.  

Pharmaceutical Office Expansion – lighting & power distribution

Samson staged and supplied $9M worth of lighting and power distribution equipment for three new office buildings and one parking garage. Samson designed the lighting in the parking garage as the first indirect fixture to be used in this application. Having the material staged locally, supported highly efficient logistics for our contractor partners and was an instrumental part of the project being completed on time. 

New Corporate Headquarters – Power distribution – e-house

Samson supplied $6M of Square D switchgear, including a custom E-House for the construction of a chemical company’s new corporate headquarters.  The design for the E-House not only saved significant time and money in the field by having everything integrated at the factory, but it also provided a better overall solution for the customer.  We were able to design the E-House into a single structure, this had two benefits.  The first being that the overall size was smaller, taking up less space and only having to pick and set one structure with the crane.  The second benefit was that since it was a single structure, there would be no seam between two pieces that could be a point of failure for leaks in years to come.  The project had a very demanding schedule and with Samson’s expertise and project management skills we were able to deliver a successful project. 

Residential Waterfront Condominium – lighting

Samson helped design, stage and supply all of the lighting for a residential waterfront condominium being developed.  The developer brought Samson in early in the design and construction process and was able to take advantage of our expertise and save money on their project.  With Samson having the ability to stage orders in our warehouse, it provided a seamless construction site that was able to receive fixtures as they needed them.

Sportsbar – electrical

At an upscale sports bar opening in Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, there are many circuit size MC cables running through the ceiling.  Very quickly, the ceiling can turn in to an unsightly bird’s nest of various cables.   Samson, utilizing their expertise, proposed a closed bottom cable tray solution that would hold multiple MC cables, keeping the site with a neat appearance in the ceiling.  As can be seen in the photo, the electrical trade installation is well organized.

Petrochemical Plant Substation Replacement – power distribution

After Hurricane Sandy, Samson was able to support a mission critical petrochemical plant with 24/7 daily emergency support. We were able to get to the site, assess the damage and begin supplying material immediately. Engineered to order equipment including substations and switchboards were sent into production with expedited delivery. 

Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Production Facility – power distribution

Samson helped design and supply the Square D power distribution equipment for a new pharmaceutical laboratory and production facility.  The project had a very short schedule and required Samson to think outside the box to meet the demanding needs.  Samson coordinated onboard approval meetings as well as virtual factory witness tests to streamline the schedule and keep the job running during the pandemic. 

Interior Office LED Lighting Retrofit

Samson helped design a custom LED lighting system with digital controls and supervised the installation.  The project yielded over 50% energy savings from the original technology and significant maintenance savings.

Parking Garage LED Lighting Retrofit

Samson supplied over 500 fixtures for a pharmaceutical company’s three parking garages.  The existing garages had 150W Metal Halide and the new LED fixtures consumed only 63W providing better lighting results than the original installation.  On top of the energy saved, significant maintenance savings will be realized as the new technology has a rated life of 100,000 hours while the existing only had a life of 20,000 hours.

5kV Substation Breaker Retrofit – power distribution

Samson along with Square D Field Services retrofit 30 year old 5kV circuit breakers to new Masterpact breakers in an existing substation.  Benefits included upgrading to a reliable protective device while limiting the amount of time the campus was interrupted.  This was also done at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire substation with significantly less downtime.

Campus Wide Intelligent Site Lighting System

Samson helped design a state of the art, LED site lighting system for an entire campus. Not only were there significant energy and maintenance savings over the traditional metal halide technology that was previously installed, it gave the owner the control they were looking for. Each fixture was equipped to be wirelessly controlled which allowed security to light a building pathway when an employee entered the campus after-hours.

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